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ScoreboardTap initial screen

From the first screen you can find broadcasts that are scheduled by others so that you can keep up with a game that you are unable to attend and schedule broadcasts that you intend to broadcast for games you will be attending. Once you've found or scheduled a broadcast, it will be listed below with an icon to indicate if you are watching or broadcasting. Select that broadcast when it's time for the game.


You can increment the scores by tapping on them. Swipe to the left to decrement the score or any other statistic. You can also update your teams Skies, Layouts and Turnovers. The disc icon shows which team is on offense. Be sure to set it at the start of the game and again after halftime. Whenever the team on defense scores, a break is recorded for that team. You can also increment or decrement the breaks. When you're ready to update those watching your broadcast you hit the send button and their scoreboard will update to match yours. They update about once per minute. The vertical timeline between the two teams shows order of scoring through the game.

If you want to send pictures or color commentary, touch the Compose button on the lower left of the scoreboard area. You can then tell people what great thing just happened and optionally add a picture from your device, or take a picture with your camera.

When the game is over, press the Final button to indicate to your watchers that the game has ended.

You can also swipe left and right on a score to decrease or increase them. You can touch the possession disc to change offense to the other team.

Scheduling a broadcast

To schedule a broadcast you need to fill in at least the names of the teams, and a game time. The team names are usually something like AirSquids or Smaug.

You can also fill in the state and location in order to help fans find your broadcast when they search for it. The name of the tournament is an excellent choice for location, such as Pres Day Invite.

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